What our Customers say...

Commercial Testimonials

I don't know where to begin in thanking some of your excellent employees. After reporting the incident to our insurance company, they referred us to your company. I spoke with one of your technicians and I can't say enough about him. I was very upset and he was very calm and reassuring. He made an appointment to come out and assess the situation, taking notes, etc.

The next day another team came out right on time and without delay had all their gear on etc. I'm still in panic mode at this point, but they were calm and professional. I spoke briefly with them and they went to work immediately. They called when taking quick breaks and would always respond to each phone call and called each time they left the property with an update about the progress and would give me a timeline on when and what they expected each day. 

When completing the final paperwork, I saw the 1-10 scale and told them that the number they deserve isn't even on the paper. You all were off the charts! The great work ethics I experienced with the crew is a direct reflection of the management they report to. Thank you for assisting in this heartbreaking tragedy. Should your services ever be needed, I will not hesitate to call SERVPRO.

Everyone was very helpful and professional. I’m very satisfied and will definitely recommend SERVPRO.

I have always called SERVPRO to clean the carpets at my office. They always do a great job!

When we experienced water damage in our business SERVPRO responded immediately. They kept business interruption to a minimum.

When our water supply line busted in the office over the weekend SERVPRO came out to perform their services. We were able to open for business as usual on Monday.

I was very pleased with the service. The crew was professional, thorough, and polite.

I had some water damage to a few of my commercial properties and I called SERVPRO 2nd but they showed up first. The entire job process was smooth from there on.